Lime Powder

Lime Powder is prepared when any material is thermally decomposed. It has high acidic value and is easily soluble in water. It is composed in terms of accuracy and has low toxicity.

Calcite Powder

Calcite Powder is easily soluble in water and has high effectiveness. The product is free from moisture and absorbs very less amount of oil. It leads to smooth and fine surface and finish.

Dolomite Powder

Offering its customers with accurate formulation,Calcite Powder has precise pH value. The compounds largely used in steel, paints, detergents, etc. The compound efficiently is used in changing the pH of water.

Calcium Oxide

Calcium Oxide is used widely in many applications. The density, the product inherits is commendable and also the molar mass which is accounted to be 56.04g/mol is worth mentioning. It is white in and has no odor.

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